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Support Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Saturday, August 14th Haiti was devastated by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake.  Over 1,900 lives have been lost while schools, hospitals, churches, bridges, and more than 13,000 homes have been destroyed.  

Create Your Corner is donating all proceeds from the sale of this lovely decal to Hope For Haiti, an “on the ground” organization diligently meeting as many needs as possible for over 30 years.

Thank you for joining me in supporting relief efforts from afar. ~ Monica

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Planner Stickers

Planner stickers come right to your home as full 4x6 matte sheets, just perfect for adding to your planner spreads!

Vinyl Stickers

Die-Cut stickers also come right to your home, but as a single glossy vinyl sticker. They're great for almost anything!

Digital Stickers

Digital stickers are small, low-resolution graphics that are not suitable for printing, but they look great on a screen! Join my Patreon for unlimited access!

Digital Planner Stickers? Yes Please!

Hey Planner Babes! Check out my digital sticker shoppe at Holly Pixels!
You’re sure to find something for every season of your planner!

Now Available

Art Prints by Me!

Thank you for supporting me with your purchase through Inprnt! 

Hello, I'm Auntee Monica!*

After almost 25  years of being a freelance graphic designer, I decided in 2019 that it’s about time that I start using my talents to create for myself, not other people. With help and inspiration from my amazingly creative kids, I decided to become an artist. 

I’d like to invite you to join me on my journey and learn all that I’ve learned so far about teaching yourself. Even if you struggle to draw a cloud (like me), you too can learn to become an artist!

If you’re just here for the freebies and the products, you’re welcome here, too!

* If I’m not old enough to be your mom, then you can call me Monica!

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