After taking a little hiatus from blogging, I’ve decided to start creating materials that will help others get closer to God. I believe that things won’t go completely right unless you include God first. The first month I created a study guide for February and shared it with a few people. I received great feedback and even suggestions to sell it. While I would love to open a shop and sell my creations, I’m a firm believer that God’s word, and the study of it, should be free for all.

What is it?

The Digital Inductive Bible Study Guide is a way for you to dig deeper into God’s word. It is not meant to provide understanding, it is meant to help you find understanding for yourself. Each month will have a theme that goes with the year. So for 2019, we’ll be studying different ways to grow with God’s word.

Each Study Guide will have information on how inductive Bible study works, a link to a website where you can learn more about it, and a reminder card on each day to help guide you. There are also plenty of links to take you from the index to the day to complete each study.

How to use it

These guides are not meant for printing. It is meant to be used with an app that will allow you to create handwritten notes on a pdf. Here’s a list of some popular ones, although I’m sure there are more out there.




In the future, I will provide a printable version for those of you (like me) who like paper. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to shoot me an email at heythere at createyourcorner dot com.

May the Lord bless you with knowledge and wisdom as you study His word daily.