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Growing with God’s Word in Hope

This month’s free study guide is about using hope to grow with God’s word. When you think of hope, you tend to associate it with things you desire, which isn’t a bad thing, but the Bible says in Romans 15:13 that God is the source of hope. Do you think God would provide you with the ability to hope if he didn’t intend for you to associate it with Him? That’s like giving your 7-year-old money to buy Christmas gifts, and instead, he forgets about your present and instead uses it to buy candy for himself! Imagine how God must feel when we hope for frivolous things instead of things that would bring us closer to Him. God provides us with an abundance of hope to encourage growth in our belief in Him, and what better way to grow than through God’s Word!

I hope this month’s study guide leads you to abundant growth in the Lord!

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