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Wisdom and Strength

Have you ever found yourself overcoming a situation that at first seemed impossible? Maybe it was a difficult project, the loss of a job, or even an unexpected illness. When problems arise, the first thing you usually feel is the weight from the stress, and that weight can get heavier and heavier until you’re able to figure out the solution to the problem. Matthew 6:25 says that God never wants us to worry about these things. He will always take care of you, including strengthening you so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the weight of your problems. If you focus on the weight of the problem instead of God’s will, you can miss the joy of watching God do His work! Missing that joy will also mean that you won’t learn the lesson that God is teaching you through that problem, so you may go through it all again.

God has His own reasons for putting us through tough moments in life, but one of His greatest reasons is so we can learn and teach others from our own lessons. Proverbs 11:25 NIV says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Everything you’ve ever gone through in life has added to your cup of wisdom. From learning how to walk to learning how to drive, God has given you these experiences so that you may generously share your wisdom with others. Think about how good it feels to see a baby take her first steps after you’ve been working with her for weeks. Doesn’t that feel amazing! You helped that sweet baby gain a little more freedom from the infant life and now you feel refreshed!

There will come a day when a problem appears and you will be able to push right through it as if it weren’t a problem. Not because it’s an easy problem, but because your relationship with God has strengthened you and given you the knowledge you need to conquer it. Until that time arrives, I pray this month’s study guide helps to bring you closer to the strength and wisdom that God has prepared for you!

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