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God’s Love

One of the world’s greatest mysteries is the definition of the word “Love”. It’s been studied by scholars, dissected by scientists, and of course, discussed by everyone who’s ever felt a certain way about another person.

The world defines love differently than those who know Christ. The man who came down from Heaven, spent 33 years on earth, died a horrible death on the cross, arose in 3 days, and then ascended back to heaven taught us that love goes WAY beyond a physical attraction.

It’s so easy to get distracted from God’s love by our earthly loves. We’re all guilty of it. There have been countless times when my kids have interrupted my Bible Study time and I had to go back to it later. Ever check that alert on your phone in church? It happens. Thankfully our Heavenly Father loves us enough to forgive us. And that’s the point. Try treating your loved ones the way we treat Jesus and see how they react. The divorce rate would skyrocket if we intentionally only spent Sunday mornings with our spouses (not even a text!) because we’re too busy any other time!

Even though we only give God a limited amount of our time, He has never once stopped giving us His time. But time isn’t the only way He loves us. He speaks to all of our love languages to supply us with an over-abundance of love. Why? Well, why not? You love everything you created, right? And if there’s a part of your art that you don’t like, you can always go back and change it. That’s how God treats us every single second of the day. All he asks of us is that we grow closer to him daily by constantly praying and learning more about Him by reading His word.

That’s why this year we’re studying ways to be sustained by God’s Word, because He loves us. Everyone wants to feel loved, but we tend to forget (and sometimes dismiss!) the fact that we’ve always been loved by God and that should be more than enough.

Please enjoy this month’s Bible study guide about love. I hope it opens your heart to receive even more love from God through spending time in His Word!

This link will take you to a page where you can choose to receive the guide, a blank version, and some bonus stickers.


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