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Spiritual Renewal

Getting accustomed to a new way of doing anything can be difficult. Ever try to maneuver around road construction during rush hour? While you know it’s only temporary, it can sometimes take years to complete. But once it’s finished, you’ve forgotten what commuting was like the old way. You may even be excited about the extra time you’ve saved on your commute now. That’s what I’m hoping our social distancing leads us to.

I’ve learned that God has a way of picking us up, giving us a good dusting and polishing, and then returning us with a brand new rejuvenation for Him and the life He’s provided for us. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It is! But one thing that we forget about is the whole process of God’s dusting and polishing. Just like anything fragile and priceless (and yes, YOU are fragile and priceless!), the more we handle it, the more vulnerable to damage it becomes. 

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “As long as I’m in God’s hands, He’ll protect me,” right? That’s very true, but that’s often easy to forget when you’re facing the things that can damage you. The Bible is full of instances where people grew closer to God, only to have the enemy wrestle them away again. It’s a vicious cycle that the Israelites have been going through since before Jacob’s name was changed to Israel! (Genesis 32:28)

The same thing is happening to us, even today. Going through a spiritual renewal is a very beautiful thing. Unfortunately, that is the time when the enemy considers us at our weakest (when really we’re at our strongest!) and tries to attack. Have you ever noticed that everything seems to go wrong or things get hard when you start praying more or reading the Bible more? How you handle those situations is what will strengthen your relationship with Christ. It’s so easy to shift our focus from our loving Heavenly Father to the increase in the bills you can’t seem to afford. But if we maintain our focus on God and the fact that He will always supply our needs, the enemy won’t be able to find any cracks in our spirit to attack.

June will be all about spiritual renewal. We’ll read about many of the situations in the Bible where people have gone in the wrong direction but were led back to where they belong, in the loving arms of God. I pray that this month’s study will not only set you on the right path but through God’s guidance, you’ll be able to discern when you’re straying and make the corrections you need to stay within His will.


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