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God’s Promises

Promises are everything! We learn from a very young age that a promise is so important that it’s almost a crime to break one (pinky promise anyone?). But why is that? Why do we value promises so much? I think it’s because of the examples God has shown and proven to us. 

The Bible is full of examples of how God faithfully fulfills His promises. From His covenant with Adam and Eve to the promises of Jesus’s return, He has always done what He says He’s going to do. His most famous promise, not to flood the earth again, is represented regularly in the form of a rainbow. Can you imagine how bad God must have felt about it to the point where He feels the need to remind us of His overwhelming love thousands of years later? He still reminds us, not because we remember the devastation, but because we need to remember His unfailing Love.

Yes, YOU are a promise!

God loves you so much that He made YOU a promise! Yes, you are a promise of the future that God is preparing for us. You have a role in that future and so you are a representative of the promises that God has made in His word. By reading the Bible and listening to (and following) God’s voice, you’ll be able to use your potential to help fulfill God’s promise!

As you study all of the different promises that God has made this month, I pray that you’ll find strength, peace, and courage to do God’s will and help fulfill His promises.


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