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Remember when you were a kid watching shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers? The lessons you learned from those shows were valuable foundational lessons that you most likely still practice today. The catchy tunes like “The people in your neighborhood” helped you cement it in your brain so much that you may even still remember the words as an adult. 

We’ve learned a lot in 2020 (as well as lost a lot). Being quarantined has forced us to spend more time with our family and pay closer attention to the people in our neighborhoods. We’ve had more time to notice things we hadn’t paid much attention to before, like how hard it is to not touch your face, and how authority figures treat the people.

When you think of the word wise, what do you picture? Someone old and gray with wrinkles on top of wrinkles, dropping little nuggets of wisdom every time they open their mouth? Of course you do! Because we learned at an early age that wisdom comes from experience, and you haven’t experienced enough until you’re so old you can’t remember what you ate for breakfast that morning, but you can remember what your great-grandmother’s second-grade teacher’s name was. 

Thankfully that isn’t true at all! God has given us the ability to gain wisdom from the moment we’re born. Our wisdom doesn’t only come from experience, it also comes when you seek it and embrace it. That’s why there are so many opportunities to learn. In fact, Proverbs 9 is a literal invitation from Wisdom herself to come over and hang out! Wisdom is for everyone who desires it. Ever learn from someone else’s mistake?

This month we’ll be embracing wisdom and learning about some of the ways that people grew smarter throughout the Bible. Both the inductive study guide and the workbook cover the same passages every day so you have twice the opportunity to learn and become wiser this month!

As always, I pray that you grow deeper in your relationship with God as you study His word every day. If you have a praise report or you’re just in need of prayer, feel free to leave a comment.

Be a blessing!

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