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Prayer in God’s Presence

Experiencing prayer in God’s presence is truly phenomenal! I believe that if every person in the world were able to sit still and enter into the presence of The Lord in prayer and worship, then we’d live in a much happier world. Do you think that’s possible?

The Bible says it’s not only possible, but it WILL happen! (Philippians 2:9-11, Romans 14:11, Isaiah 45:23, Revelation 5:13)

The other day my son told me that he had a bad dream. He dreamt that his sister wouldn’t let him into her room and then the floor opened up and he fell into the “place where the devil lives”. While of course, it broke my heart that his dreams took such a turn, it also relieved me that he’s aware of the consequences of the decisions he makes in his life. 

How to Pray in God’s Presence

Whenever our children have bad dreams, we’ve always encouraged them to pray about it as soon as they wake up. There’s something about that state between dream and awakeness that makes you the most vulnerable to receive God’s presence. Have you ever tried it? Bad dream or not, when you start to wake up and before you open your eyes, pray. Talk to God about the first thing that comes to mind. You may drift back off to sleep, or you may have a full conversation with The Creator. Do your best to remember whatever happens and praise God for it throughout the day. I think you’ll be surprised at how different each day is when you start it off with prayer in God’s presence.

This month’s study guide is, of course, about prayer in God’s presence. We will go through the many instances throughout the Bible where people have devoted specific times to pray about their situations. As you study this month, think about all of these situations and how they may apply in your life. I’m sure there are many situations where it probably won’t, but when there is, take note of it and it was handled. Pray about your situation in the same manner. God is always listening!

In Conclusion

As always, I’m also including a cell phone wallpaper/calendar for March, and a new Gospel Spotify playlist so we can worship Him together through song. If you have any music suggestions, leave a comment and let me know what you’d like me to include for next month.

I pray that this month that something you read will inspire you to enter God’s presence through prayer with someone you love.

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