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God Forgives

God Forgives.


He really does! 

Whether you’ve disobeyed, ignored, or even turned your back on God, He’s always ready to forgive and welcome you back with open arms.

There are many people who believe that their sin is unforgivable. That they’ve done something so horrible that they deserve to not be forgiven. While I understand that feeling, it’s difficult for me to believe that it’s true. 

Think about David. He was God’s favorite! A man after God’s own heart, right? But still, David did a horrible thing that many might consider unforgivable. He stole another man’s wife by sending him off to die in the war. I’m sure Uriah loved King David and was happy to fight for his country, but I’m positive he loved his wife more, and she loved him. But David took advantage of his power and made demands that led to infidelity and cost lives (Uriah wasn’t the only one to die on that front line). And yet God forgave him. Why? Because that’s what He does!

God Forgives.

And He forgives you, too.

This month we’ll be studying instances where God forgave His people for different types of sins and had mercy on those who suffered because of those sins. This was, of course, before Jesus came and died for our sins, but we’ll also take a peek at Jesus’ thoughts and a situation Paul was in. It’s important that we understand that if God forgives us, then we should forgive, too.

I pray that something you read this month will inspire you to share your knowledge of God’s promises with someone you love.

Enjoy the wallpaper!

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2 thoughts on “God Forgives”

  1. Beth Price-Almeida

    I think everyone falls into that line of thought act some point, because, as humans how could we even begin to fathom the love and grace of God? To a degree, we may dirty of understand it as parents, but even that doesn’t hold a candle to God and His unfathomable love. I always remember that Paul, the man who was so absolutely passionate about Jesus, was a murderer or Christians before he met his Lord on the road to Damascus. He, Paul, even refers to himself as the chief of sinners. God saw past his hate and humanity, and forgave him. I really needed this today!

    1. Exactly! It’s people like Paul with these unbelievable turn-arounds that remind us that the thing we’re struggling with isn’t beyond God’s grace. And you’re right, as parents we do get a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to be merciful, but there’s nothing like receiving and accepting it for ourselves!

      So glad you found value here today! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ?

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