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Go to The Lord with joyful thanksgiving. Not a random “Thank You Lord” for little things, but a JOYFUL thanksgiving full of praise and worship!

Joyful Thanksgiving

When was the last time you went to The Lord with joyful thanksgiving? I don’t mean a random “Thank You Lord” for letting the light stay green when you’re running late for work. I mean a JOYFUL thanksgiving full of praise and worship.

I’ll admit that this is something that I could do more of. Of course, the Bible says all over the place that we should make a joyful noise to the rock (THE ROCK!) of our salvation and come into His presence with thanksgiving (Psalm 95), but it’s so easy to scale that down to fit our own desires.

This coming holiday season promises to be a very busy one, mainly because we have so much catching up to do after last year’s lockdown. I’m sure you’ll take time to share the things you’re thankful for with the ones you love, but this year I’m challenging you to kick it up a notch for God! We’re all different and make joyful noises in our own way (shoutout to the happy criers out there!), so when you share the things you’re thankful for at Thanksgiving this year, make that joyful noise! 

If you haven’t guessed already, this month we’re studying “Joyful Thanksgiving”. We’ll spend most of the month in the book of Psalm, but we’ll take a little detour to hang out with David and spend time with the Israelites as they dance and shout for joy. Remember that scene in Footloose?  That part!

I pray that something you read this month will inspire you to encourage others to go to The Lord with joyful thanksgiving with you. 

Enjoy the wallpaper!

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