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His Mercy Endures Forever

His Mercy Endures Forever

Mercy is such a beautiful word. It means compassion for those who need it. Forgiveness for those who desire it. Kindness for those who require it. And love from our Heavenly Father.

We all have the ability to give the gift of Mercy but we don’t have the ability to make it endure as God can. God’s love and his mercy endures. No matter how bad you mess up, it lasts forever.

Give the Gift of Mercy Freely

This month we will study how merciful God is. We’ll touch on many different areas in the Bible and learn about deliverance, forgiveness, faithfulness, atonement, and of course, how God allowed His Son to pay the price for our sins.

I pray that something you read this month will inspire you to be merciful to others who may have wronged you, and share what you’ve learned about God’s mercy with them.


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