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God’s Laws and Justice

God’s Word is a beautifully illustrated tapestry of inter-woven themes like “God’s Laws and Justice.” I’ve often marveled at how God’s Word never ceases to amaze me with its timeless wisdom. Let’s unravel a specific thread of this rich tapestry that vividly portrays the concept of God’s Laws and Justice. There’s a remarkable story from Numbers 27 that has significantly impacted me personally, as well as how we live today. It’s about Zelophehad’s daughters.

The words "God is Faithful" surrounded by foliage.Now, you might wonder, who were Zelophehad’s daughters, and what do they have to do with God’s laws and justice? Well, these five sisters, Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah, found themselves in a unique situation. Their father, Zelophehad, had passed away without sons, raising concerns about their family’s legacy. In a society where inheritance typically followed the male lineage, they displayed courage by stepping forward and addressing Moses and the community’s leaders.

The Verdict

In their pursuit of justice, these fine young women approached Moses, Eleazar the priest, and the leaders, expressing their concerns. What unfolded next is a profound testament to the divine justice ingrained in God’s laws. In response to their plea, the Lord directed Moses to grant the inheritance to Zelophehad’s daughters, ensuring justice prevailed. 

This story proves that God’s laws are firmly rooted in principles of fairness, equity, and a profound concern for the well-being of His people. His justice isn’t rigid; it’s compassionate and adaptable. It’s a reminder that God’s Word is our guide when seeking justice and righteousness.

The Influence

My daughter NoahHow has this thread of the Bible impacted me personally? It is why I named my daughter Noah. I want to show her that she has the power of God’s justice with her, no matter what she does with her life. People may not be fair, and life may not seem fair, but God is always fair and just as long as she keeps Him in her heart.

This month, we’ll learn about various situations where God’s law has prevailed. As we reflect on each day’s lesson, let’s embrace the wisdom of God’s laws and justice, allowing them to light our paths as we walk in faith and righteousness. I pray that something you read this month will show you how God has shaped your life and decisions long before you were born.


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