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God’s Love Story

Thoughts from Damion on God’s Love Story.

Hello everyone,

It is February, one of the two months that didn’t exist initially, the other being January, but hey, we have plenty of reasons for them to now, right? We have National Heart and Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and National Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17th. Let’s remember all of our Leap Day babies. (Happy birthday, by the way. What are you? 7? 8, now? Lucky you, you’re still a kid!) And, of course, my favorite day in February is Feb. 2nd. That’s right: Groundhog Day. I’ll explain when I get to the end.

Because of Valentine’s Day, people consider February the month of love. With good reason, I’d like to add. I’ve seen, read, and heard countless tales where people talk about their love story. But their love stories have nothing on the one we’re studying this month. Allow me to explain. 

Throughout history, few stories have touched the hearts of people as much as the tale of God’s love for humanity. From ancient texts to timeless verses and profound writings, this epic saga of divine love unfolds in a breathtaking display of beauty and wonder. It’s a truly awe-inspiring story that transcends time and speaks to the very essence of our existence.

What's The Story About?

The Books of the Law contain the basic principles of God’s love woven into the creation and covenant. Since the beginning of time, God has been pursuing a relationship with us, even though we are flawed and make mistakes. This pursuit shows that God loves us unconditionally, regardless of our imperfections.

The Gospel of John is a book that sheds light on the essence of God’s love through the life, teachings, and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It tells us that “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” (John 3:16). Jesus embodies God’s love and shows us how much he cares for us. His life and teachings offer us a way to redemption, salvation, and the promise of eternal life for anyone who accepts it.

The letter to the Colossians talks about how much God loves us and how Jesus is the ultimate example of that love. Jesus’ death and resurrection helped unite everyone and create a new way of living based on love and forgiveness. As followers, we should make love our top priority because it has the power to bring us all together and make our world a better place.

Lastly, the Johannine Epistles urges us to practice God’s selfless and unconditional love for us in our everyday lives. This kind of love differs from the temporary and passionate feelings we often experience. God’s love is sacrificial and beyond our understanding, lasting throughout time. When we follow the path of truth and show love and kindness to those around us, we can see the powerful impact of God’s love in our world.

Simply Beautiful Love

While romantic love is undoubtedly a sublime gift, the love of God transcends the confines of mortal emotion and relational boundaries. It is agape love—selfless, eternal, and ingrained in His very essence. In stark contrast to our fleeting romantic flirtings, God’s love remains unwavering and unchangeable, extending the olive branch of redemption, restoration, and hope to all who embrace it.

So, to sum things up, the story of God’s love is like a beautiful piece of art that is written in the Bible and felt in our hearts forever. As we explore the depths of God’s love, it transforms us, and we become channels of its incredible power and messengers of its boundless generosity to a world that desperately needs it.

This month, we’ll study all of these books and more, including several of David’s psalms. I pray that something you read this month will inspire you to trust in God even more and spread His love to everyone you meet.

On A Personal Note...

Oh, and before I forget, let me wish my wonderful wife a Happy Anniversary. Remember earlier when I spoke of Feb. 2nd being my favorite day of the month? Here is the reason why. Twenty-two years ago, she walked down the aisle in our house, looking magnificent. She found the strength within herself to say she was willing to deal with me and my rebellious and idiotic ways. How could this day not be my favorite day?

Happy Anniversary, baby. I’m truly blessed to know, love, and grow with you.

With abounding love and blessings,


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