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Prayer and Praise

Thoughts from Damion on Prayer and Praise.

Hey All,

Often (well, if you grew up like I did), you would hear phrases such as “Plead the blood,” “Call on the name of Jesus,” “Put it in God’s hands,” or “Lift it up in prayer.” But what does any of that mean? 

You know, I had this whole thing planned out this month. I planned on telling you all about the moment when I knew God was real because prayer undoubtedly worked for me that night. But something hit me, and it caused me to scrap that entire letter and start over.

Praying For A Friend

A friend is going through a rough time. She’s a married mother of four, and her husband has decided to leave her for another woman. We’ve talked off and on about it because she wants to understand why he did it from a male point of view. Now, given all of my sins and transgressions, I did inform her that I’m probably not the best person to discuss this with. But I have tried my best to give her a bit of insight into the male mind and why we will do some of the idiotic things that we do.

After we spoke, I included her in my prayer. I didn’t ask for God to fix her husband’s heart or for anything to happen to the woman that he ran off with. Nor did I ask Him to quiet her sorrow and quell her pain. I did ask, however, that He give her the answers she is looking for because I don’t have them. Finally, I asked God to grant her as much time as she needed to heal. I didn’t consider my prayer to be an overly powerful one. It was anything magical or magnificent, I don’t think–just a simple request of the Almighty on someone else’s behalf.

How to Pray

When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, he broke the prayer down into sections: the greeting, the reverence, the request, the confession, the plea, and the praise. If you look over the book of Psalms, you’ll see many prayers are written this way. The reason is simple: it is HOW you are supposed to pray. Many of us pray this way already, without knowing it, because we grew up listening to others pray, or we’ll recite the Lord’s Prayer without knowing the construction of it because we memorized it.

But what about when you don’t know what to say or how to pray? Well, prayer is only sometimes structured. I, myself, have often had a long conversation with God because the one thing he has always wanted to do is commune with us. Psalm 145:18 (NIV) states: “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” THAT, my friends, is prayer: calling on God, whether by his name or through his Son, in truth.

Prayer and Praise

Prayer is for anything and any situation–the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the annoying, the dramatic, the exciting, and the rewarding. Remember that our heavenly Father created us to praise and celebrate all He has given us. So, the best of times matter just as much as the worst.

I’ve tried to remind my friend of this as words of encouragement because I know she’s hurting, and I do not have the power to take away that pain.

Our God has that power, so all I can do is ask that she remain covered in the blood and give it to the Lord in prayer.

I hope every one of you remember to do the same because prayer works when you go to him in truth. And through truth, He will return to you in peace and love.

Stay blessed,


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