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Organizing Your Life

Life moves fast.

One minute you’re in school and dating, the next you’re bouncing between soccer games, gymnastics, and a full-time career. How do you keep up with it all and still have time to relax?

You plan. You document everything in a system you’re extremely comfortable with, that you can trust and rely on to get you through each day.


Sound hard? It might be at first, but it’s nowhere near as hard as trying to balance your checking account without remembering to include the 3 subscription services you receive, or even worse, not balancing it at all. It’s not hard to plan when you have all of the information you need, but if you don’t, it’s definitely not a reason to give up. You adjust. Remember, you’re in charge of your plan so it’s only as hard as you make it.

The biggest problems people have with planning their life is that they either over-plan and leave no room for flexibility, or they under-plan and go with the flow, which leads to missing important events and appointments. You have to find your sweet spot that will allow you to accomplish everything you need to, accommodate the unexpected, and still have time for self-care.

As a wife, mom of 3 including a special needs child, freelancer, blogger, and chronic illness patient, I have no choice but to stay organized by using a planner. I hope you find something here that encourages, inspires, and motivates you to plan your life so that you have time for yourself!

You got this!

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