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Scripture Writing Through Genesis

Inductive Bible Study is great, but not everyone is comfortable with that style of study. Many people, including myself, learn by writing. I’ve been scripture writing for a few years now, and last year I decided to start writing the Bible. Sounds crazy, I know, but once I got started the longevity of it never entered my mind. When you’re truly focusing on God’s Word, the things you think are hard become easy.

In January 2019 I began writing Genesis. I wrote the verses/stories that I felt were important to learning the history of events, and skipped over the lists of generations and “begats”. I thought it would take me two years to get through it, but I was able to do it in only 11 months. I enjoy writing so there were many days where I would write 10-15 verses a day. At the end of the 11 months, I felt like I had an even greater understanding of what God’s will was in the stories I’d read in the past many, many times. 

I’m a firm believer that every single person who reads the Bible will receive a lesson that God has specifically for them. It may be the same lesson that your neighbor received, or it may be something completely different. God speaks personally to us the deeper we dive into His word, and one of the greatest ways to do that is to study it word by word, letter by letter.

Scripture Writing Process 

Read and write the verses provided each day. The average number of verses is 4 per day, but feel free to change it up to what’s comfortable to you. I purposefully did not label the months so that you can start at any time of the year. So if there are more or less days in the month you’re currently working on, you can adjust it as you like.

Think about these questions as you meditate and write each day:

• What does this passage say?

• What does this passage mean?

• How can it relate to my life?

• How does it change the way I view myself?

• Who will I share this with?

You don’t have to answer them every day, but you can use them as a guide to interpret and apply God’s Word to your life. Finish your time in the Word by writing out or saying a prayer thanking God for his teaching and asking Him to help you apply it to your life today.

Remember, this is between you and God, so if you miss a day, shorten the verses, or do anything that isn’t included here, do not feel bad! These are just guidelines. You and God are growing together so write at your own pace.


P.S. I’m human and it took me a very long time to put this together, so there’s a very good chance that there will be errors. If you find one, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!

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